Getting to Know my Home

Discovering the plants and animals of a natural ecosystem is like getting to know the characters in a good book. You grow fond of them. You want them to succeed.

And then you realize that you, too, are a character in an ecosystem play. There isn’t another world, called ‘Nature,’ that you aren’t part of. You are part of Nature. Your choices, on land and in the water, have a direct impact on how well all those other characters that you’ve grown so fond of will do.

I’m focusing this series of short videos on the lake I live next to, Ames Lake, which is in Western Washington. I don’t know how many people live next to lakes, or rivers, or other bodies of water, but we all live in the watersheds for some body of water. And we all have the chance to be better neighbors in the natural world.

But, first, we need to get to know it. So, let’s go see what’s in the water!